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A Large-scale Acrobatic Drama
Journey to the West
The Adventures of the Monkey King
The large-scale acrobatic drama Journey to the West is adapted from one of China’s four most famous literature masterpieces “Journey to the West”, which is a classic fairy tale well-known by the Chinese. The legend of Monk Tang’s travelling west for Buddhist scriptures accompanies and influences nearly all Chinese teenagers. Journey to the West is composed of four classic stories – “Storm in the Heavenly Place”, “Three Attacks against White-bone Demon”, “Kingdom of Women and Spider Cave”, and “Fire-covered Mountain”. Through abundant imagination, the drama describes the adventures of conquering bare mountains and dangerous rivers and the courage of fighting against demons and monsters when the Monk Tang travels west in search of Buddhist scriptures with his three disciples Sun Wukong(known as Monkey King), Sandy and Pigsy.
The acrobatic drama “Journey to the West” was awarded Wenhua Grand Award - the top prize in stage performing arts in China’s National Arts Festival.  This year it was selected to be one of the ten mainly funded show by the National Performing Arts Project. Since its debut, it has been invited to perform in Frankfurt, Germany, Singapore, Adelaide, Australia, and was warmly welcomed by the audience.

The First Act: Storm in the Heavenly Palace
Lots of monkeys are having fun in the Flower and Fruit Mountain which belongs to Monkey King. One day, Monkey King is resentful to Great Heavenly Emperor of Jade’s denounce, throws his officer hat as stable keeper granted by the Emperor and fights fiercely against the heavenly army who are sent by Great Heavenly Emperor of Jade. He doesn’t even yield after being thrown into the furnace of Laozi. Finally Monkey King is subdued by Buddha’s immense power.

The Second Act: Three Attacks against the White-Bone Demon
On their way to Western Paradise, Monk Tang and his disciples come across one monster after another.  One day, before Monkey King leaves to find food for everyone, he asks Monk Tang, Pigsy and Sandy to stay inside the circle which he draws on the ground with his golden magic stick to protect them from being attacked by demons.
White-bone Demon wants to catch Monk Tang to eat his flesh so as to remain immortal. But she can not get close to him because of the circle. She transforms herself successively into three members of a family and tricks Monk Tang for his mercy. Monkey King immediately realizes her conspiracies and tries to kill her in whatever form.
Fooled by the demon, Monk Tang misunderstands Monkey King’s rescue as mercilessness, punishes him by putting spells and expels him from the pilgrimage. This gives White-bone Demon an opportunity. She restores her original face of ferociousness, dancing with other little demons in celebration of catching Monk Tang and gets ready to eat him.  In time of great danger, Monkey King comes back to the rescue. Monk Tang and his disciples continue their journey to the West.

The Third Act: The kingdom of Women and Spider Cave
On their way Monk Tang and his group stop over in the Kingdom of Women, the beautiful queen of the Kingdom falls in love with Monk Tang. She tries to tempt him and stops his journey. During the evening banquet, Monk Tang is buried in the inner struggle of soul and flesh before he escapes the queen’s temptation. Soon Monk Tang is in trouble again when the Spider Demon hauls him to the Spider Cave with a fierce battle in the air.  What the four suffer is like having one dream after another.  Again they wake up from a nightmare and continue their journey.

The Fourth Act: Fire-covered Mountain
Monk Tang and his disciples come across the Fire-covered Mountain, but the blaze and the Fire Demons are in their way.  In order to get the magical Iron Fan to put out the fire, Monkey King incurs hatred from Ox Monster and Iron-fan Princess. The couple set up a variety of obstacles to prevent Monk Tang from going to the West. But Monkey King succeeds in breaking all the traps and protecting Monk Tang.  Finally they arrive in the Western Paradise and obtain the Buddhist scriptures.

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